Diesel Locomotive

CC201 (GE U18C) Pack

The CC 201 locomotive is an electric diesel locomotive owned by PT Kereta Api Indonesia, produced by General Electric Transportation with the U18C model. The CC 201 locomotive has a sleek construction weighing 84 tons and 1950 hp engine power. This locomotive is leaning ‘Co’. This means that the locomotive has 2 bogies each with 3 axles with a total of 6 traction motors, so that the locomotive can be operated on flat or mountain crossing. This locomotive is the same as other GE locomotives, capable of running up to speeds of 120 km / hr, although train speeds are currently limited to a maximum of 90 km / hr.

Region : Indonesia

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CC206 (GECM20EMP) 13 24 PWT

Region : Indonesia

The GE CM20EMP diesel-electric locomotives (also known as CC206 in Indonesia) are owned by PT Kereta Api (Indonesian Railways Co.) and built by GE Rail. The GE CM20EMPs are export locomotives that were originally used for freight trains, but which can now haul passenger trains (i.e. executive class, business class, or economy class)

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